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donderdag 22 maart 2012

Antique walking sticks

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Who doesn’t wish to own a set of antique walking sticks – We would be surprised if you were to say that you did not know what antique walking sticks were. Owning an antique walking stick is a matter of pride and associated with the prestige symbol. Antique walking stick lovers are always on the lookout for the next antique walking stick that they can claim as their own. Though these sticks rarely come at a cheap price, still antique walking sticks enthusiasts are prepared to pay the price for their passion. At Incredible Antiques, you can buy and sell antique walking sticks safely without paying for the dealership or middlemen fees.

What are antique walking sticks? Why do they fetch an astronomical price in the market?

There is no set rule for defining antique walking sticks. The general rule to follow is that any walking stick which is more than 100 years old can be termed as an antique walking stick. Antique walking sticks can be extremely expensive items, mainly due to the rarity of availability of these nowadays. You will be surprised to know that antique sticks are not owned for the purpose of walking, rather they are much popular for the purpose of display.
Antiques walking sticks that have survived for more than 100 years are considered great survivors. And that's why owning, collecting and restoring such rare antique canes are considered as a well-liked hobby by people all over the world.

What are the precautions to be taken before purchasing antique walking sticks? How are their prices determined?

Before you shell out a large amount of money for owning an antique walking stick, you must check out the sticks history. You must assess the extent of the alterations and repairs done on the cane as these can make a big change in the value of an antique walking stick. If you are buying it solely for investment purposes, you must also determine the antique walking sticks status in terms of its worth so that you can project a resale price in future.
The price of the antique walking stick is determined by many factors including whether the specific cane is fashionable or not; the value of antique canes is much higher if it is a fashionable model. The condition of the antique cane also influences the value. An antique walking stick in a good condition will surely cost much more than one in a poor condition. Another important factor that determines pricing is whether it has been previously owned by a major celebrity, as this can affect its price as well.

Find and Bid on antique walking sticks at Incredible Antiques

Incredible Antiques deals in buying and selling of antique walking sticks at best prices. We are a family antique auction store that has been in business for past many years, and are reputed for our business ethics and best business practices. We do not charge any middlemen fees or registration fees from antique buyers and sellers, as we are not out here to make profits. Rather we sell for Free. If you have any questions about using our website then please first check out the FAQ page. If you do not see an answer to your question there then please feel free to email us at: info@incredibleantiques.com

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